Ready-made companies

The purchase of new ready-made companies is particularly suitable for significant time savings in producing and providing all of the necessary documents in the event that you need to start a business very quickly. The establishment of a company is a complex process usually requiring the insertion of one’s own funds into the business. The solution is to buy a ready-made company.

Ready-made companies were founded for the purpose of resale. They have no liabilities or receivables and are ready for immediate purchase. These companies have never engaged in any business activity. The basic capital of the company by type ranges from 200.000, – CZK for companies with limited liability to about 3,000,000, – CZK for European corporations. The advantage of these companies is mainly the fact that upon purchase you do not have to deal with matters relating to the payment of capital, because the statutory requirements for the payment of the capital have been resolved at the moment of establishment of the company. Ready-made company never carried out any activity. We guarantee both their legal and accounting purity.

We offer especially:

  • Czech limited liability company – Ltd.
  • European companies
  • Czech joint-stock company – JSC

Note: ready-made companies are available on request from most of the registered agents in almost every destination (see section legal systems and jurisdictions)