Anonymity of ownership

In business you can get into a situation where for some reason it is not appropriate or desirable in order to see at a glance who is the beneficial owner of the company. In such cases, it is a based foreign company with headquarters either in the Seychelles or Panama or in England, whereby the company becomes the owner of a Czech entity. The basic premise provides a zero probability of possibility of disclosure of the beneficial owner of such foreign entities.

In order to maintain the complete anonymity of the beneficial owner, there are provided services of so called nominee shareholders and directors, who are specialists registered in the registers of offshore (onshore) jurisdictions and and act on behalf of a company either as shareholders or directors. The beneficial owner can act on behalf of the company on the basis of a general power of attorney or may give instructions to the appointed nominee directors on the basis of written instructions. It is quite obvious that these positions are occupied only by authorized persons who are holders of British passports. This plays an important role, especially when authentication of documents by appropriate authorities is necessary.