United States

The main advantages

  • A developed legal system relating to commercial companies and corporations
  • Zero taxation on offshore and banking transactions
  • Minimal control and regulation of trade
  • Political and economic stability
  • Transportation accessibility via by the major world airlines
  • Excellent quality accommodation services
  • A skilled workforce
  • Excellent communication infrastructure
  • Zero taxation of capital gains and other income

Social and economic indicators

  • Location: United States of America located in North America. Their shores on the east atlantic ocean and from the west on the pacific ocean. The state of Alaska is in the northern part of the continent and fronts the Arctic Ocean. Alaska is separated from the Eurasian continent by the Bering Strait.
  • Area: 9,631,214 sq km
  • Population: 312,355,000
  • Climate: Temperate zone in the north, the southern part of the subtropics, Florida in the tropics.
  • Official language: English.
  • The state organization: Oldest federation of the world, functioning representative democracy through a congressional system defined by the Constitution. The area falls under three sets of authorities – federal, state, and the local level. Legislative branch: Congress consisting of a Senate and House of Representatives (“House of Representatives”). Executive power: the President.
  • Standard of living: High.
  • Banking System: Worldwide banking services
  • Currency: U.S. dollar.
  • Industry: The economy largely consists of services and research; primary (raw-processing) industry accounts for only a small part. Agriculture constitutes only 1% of gross national product. Among the largest business sectors include retail and wholesale sales, sector (financial, commercial, medical, social) services, proportionally high percentage of the science and research as well as in the entertainment industry.


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