The main advantages

  • A developed legal system relating to commercial companies and corporations.
  • Political and economic stability
  • Hightly developed infrastructure and communication
  • A skilled workforce
  • The possibility of accommodation in quality hotel chains
  • Zero taxation on offshore and banking transactions
  • Zero exchange control and regulation
  • Zero taxation on profits, including capital gains.
  • Transportation accessibility via many major airlines
  • Convenient location close to the largest shopping centers in Latin America.
  • The most important financial center in the region with many international banks.
  • Panama is one of the main gateways for investment in Latin America.

Social and economic indicators

  • Location: Latin America, on the border of North and South America
  • Area: 77,082 sq km.
  • Population: 3,360,474
  • Climate: Tropical
  • Official Language: Spanish (Official), English
  • Government: Constitutional democracy
  • Standard of living: High
  • Banking System: International banking center with office branches of several large, global banks.
  • Currency: Balboa (tied with the American dollar which is the only paper tender in Panama).
  • Industry: Financial services, the Panama Canal and tourism


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