About us

Our team consists of a number of experts with many years of experience in international tax planning. We place emphasis on professionalism, high level of expertise and above all a personal approach in dealing with various communication scenarios. We systematically collaborate with our clients in order to solve their tax issues and propose the best ways to ensure the anonymity of ownership and asset protection. Abroad we work only with reputable suppliers, which guarantees the quality of services at the highest possible level.

The aim of our work is to propose optimal solutions to individual model situations whereby providing the maximum benefit to the client and simulatiously minimizing the risks associated with offshore business.

We offer services of comparable quality to the competitive companies involved in international tax planning for advantageous prices.

We are an alternative for clients who, for whatever reason, are not satisfied with the level of cooperation and quality of services that alternative providers of these services in the Czech Republic provide.

Do not hesitate to contact us and arrange a free personal consultation.

Contact us

E-mail: info@kaminari.cz
Tel.: +420 734 245 176